Firefighter Blake Davenport and farmer Alex James lose their wife on the day their son, Taylor, is born. Twelve months later, Blake is asked to drive to the city to help a friend of a friend. He meets Scarlett Reid, mother to one-year-old, Joseph. She is afraid to leave the house because Bruce Askew is stalking her and the police won’t intervene. Scarlett accepts Blake’s invitation to live with him and Alex on their farm in exchange for housekeeping and caring for Taylor when they have to work.

The attraction between Scarlett, Alex, and Blake is undeniable, and the three quickly fall in love. They decide to marry and bring up their sons as brothers, but their future is threatened when Bruce’s fixation with Scarlett escalates. He goes from stalker to arsonist when he determines that she and the babies must burn for her sins. In the extreme heat of the Australian summer, a single spark can have devastating consequences.

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