After years in the army, Private Tom Storm is hit by an insurgent grenade in Afghanistan and loses his foot and lower leg. He returns to his farm in Australia, determined to reclaim his former love, Maggie.


Multimillion-dollar whiskey distillery heiress Maggie Tempest ends her marriage after discovering her husband sleeping with his secretary. Maggie and Tom are reunited and vow to never spend another day apart, regretting their ten-year separation.

Tom tells Maggie that he was in a relationship with all six of his army mates. Having left the army, Jack, Ben, Mitch, Caleb, Nate, and Harry, turn up unannounced to reclaim Tom, but when he chooses Maggie over them, they prepare to leave, loving him enough to let him go.


When attempts are made on Maggie’s life, the men stay to protect her and eventually, all eight enter into a loving relationship, but can seven ex-commandos keep Maggie safe from a murderer intent on stealing the Tempest fortune?

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