Daniel narrowly escapes death when he falls asleep at the wheel of his car.  Stopping at a crowded country pub in the next town, he sees Jane for the first time.  She has been badly beaten by her husband and accuses everyone in the town of ignoring her many pleas for help over the years. Daniel is horrified at the lack of response to Jane’s plight from the townsfolk.  He offers to drive Jane out of town if she can keep him awake.  Before the night is over they have fallen in love.  Daniel promises that he and his two lovers, Peter and Vance will protect her and she will be safe on their farm.  The sexual attraction between Jane and the three men is electric and all four enter into a loving relationship.  Jane finally believes she can live a life without fear but her former husband Jon, his father Bert and the corrupt policeman Jimmy, have other ideas.   

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